Java Backend Tools: List Of Backend Tools Used In Web Development

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agosto 15, 2022
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agosto 15, 2022

Java Backend Tools: List Of Backend Tools Used In Web Development

Thus, to handle DBMS, developers use MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc. The Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web Development by Simplilearn will teach you all you need to know about full-stack programming. This full-stack Java development course is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of front-end, middleware, and back-end Java web developer technologies.

Java is also one of the languages used to program mobile Android applications. Build job-ready back-end development skills with the Meta Back-End Developer professional certificate, and earn a credential from Meta. Alongside technical skills, these workplace skills will enable you to work more efficiently, effectively, and seamlessly with team members. Although all of these tools can be useful, it’s more important to find the right tools for your specific job tasks. “Getting familiar with these tools and knowing how to wield them have saved me countless hours and helped me get more efficient at my job.” This list is based on usage from’s Java ranking and several other sources including blog posts and GitHub download numbers.

Node.JS Developer

It can seem pretty clunky today, but it’s as essential for developers as ever. Backend developers rate their career satisfaction as better than average. Knowledge of web services or API is also important for full stack developers. Knowledge of creations and consumption of REST and SOAP services is desirable.

  • Otherwise, it’s more logical for a beginner to prioritize skills like Python and SQL.
  • If you’d prefer to learn everything you’ll need to know all at once, check out our Back-End Engineer Career Path.
  • It is the most powerful and best multi-purpose language for data analysis and web development.
  • As a backend developer, you should know how to implement security structures and follow their best practices.
  • We mentioned above that a lot of developers don’t care for SQL.
  • If you’re looking for a backend development job, you should be ready to talk to an interviewer about times you solved problems in your previous web development work.

To become a successful Java backend developer, it’s important to have a strong understanding of object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts. You should also be familiar with the Java language and its APIs. Additionally, it’s helpful to have experience working with relational databases and SQL. Java backend developers are in a unique position to capitalize on this trend, as they have the skills necessary to create secure, reliable software. By specializing in security, Java developers can help businesses protect their data from hackers and other threats.

Open Source Library

After synchronized block is writing/modifying the resource, the variable value is flushed back to the shared memory space. This causes concurrency issue as threads on the same object protected by synchronization can’t execute concurrently. In contrast, volatile allows concurrent executions from multiple threads by forcing them to read the variable from main memory directly instead of CPU cache. Moreover, synchronized is implemented based on operating system which causes the thread to fall into the kernel mode instead of user mode which is a time-consuming process.

What is a Java backend developer

The frontend and backend use different programming languages to make them work. In the frontend, you will mostly work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. As a backend developer, you know how to create a website without a content management system.


The fonts, colors, designs, etc. constitute the frontend of this page. While the content of the article is rendered from a server and fetched from a database. From there, Carlos suggests learning how to work with servers, then learning APIs and HTTP methods. Next, you’ll want to connect to databases and learn how to retrieve data. This allows you to implement the server, database, and APIs and connect to a simple front end. This brings all your learning together and provides you with a project you can include in your portfolio.

What is a Java backend developer

Learning Java for back-end web development means you’ll be well-prepared for a career in enterprise development. It’s also a great choice if you’re interested in mobile development, as it lies at the heart of many Android apps. The back end of an application provides data for the front end, which runs in the web browser and formats and renders raw data into the finished web pages you see. These applications are called APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and usually return data in a JSON text format. Other back-end applications can generate complete web pages with only back-end code.


Play is developer-friendly, with a “simply hit refresh” workflow and testing support built in. The salary of a Java backend developer can vary depending on their level of experience, the company size and geographic location. It has also been among the most common frameworks used by developers according to the skills survey.

What is a Java backend developer

You can also opt for a KnowledgeHut’s web developer online course. Suppose you are interested in programming and, at the same time, are passionate about the various technologies available in the market. In that case, this is the perfect profession for you to choose.

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Your role involves keeping websites running smoothly and making strong problem-solving skills an indispensable asset. The front end is all that the user sees i.e. the visuals and the designs. The backend is server-side, dealing with databases, logic, and APIs.

What is a Java backend developer

It is mandatory to have a basic understanding of the structures, algorithms, and processes used to implement and display the data. Since backend development is data-driven, you need in-depth knowledge of binary search, hashcode, data sorting, lists, queue, and implementations as a backend developer. Python is the fastest and most widely used language for the backend. Many beginner programmers are now learning Python to deal with software development.

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